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I was once oblivious to the sounds in the background of a film. Beneath the effects and actor performances, done right, we are subliminalytransported by the music, placing usright alongside the characters. Like many others, I paid no attention to what made me excited, sad, or afraid. All I knew was that I, somehow, felt the way I knew the filmmaker intended. 

I have my father, Mark Anthony Johnson to thank for my introduction to music. He built a recording studio in our basement and it was that exposure and his passion for music that drew me to the craft. My introduction to film scoring, was when my younger sister, Cameo, gave me the gift of the Batman Begins film score, that I knew I wanted to be a film composer. From the moment I hit play, the score captured me in a way I’d never experienced while simply watching the film. I remember sitting in the car and listening to the score in its entirety…believing I was the Batman in the Batmobile headed out into the night to defend my city. And I thought to myself, that's the effect I want my music to have on the listener.

Storytelling through musical composition is my true passion, and extracting the essence of the story is always my primary goal. I welcome the challenge of a new project and the inherent opportunity to explore new methods, while experimenting with instruments and sounds or even collaborating with fellow musicians. And when the music becomes one with the experience, taking the audience out of their reality and thrusting them into the world of the film, when they remember what they felt even without understanding why and believe they are the character on the screen…only then do I truly achieve success.

Oh…and I actually am the Batman. And I do have a Batmobile.